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If you would like to order a cake please call our bakery or fill out a quick questionnaire

and our bakery staff will reach out to you.


                                                            Need ideas? Browse through our custom cake gallery located below

                                   Helpful tip: Give yourself and our staff enough time to create a perfect cake. Call us

                     Today (561)767-9066 to place an order at least (7) days in advance ( surcharge will be applied to rush orders) 



Cake Menu


Vanilla                 Chocolate               Red velvet       

Marble                 Carrot                    Birthday Cake( Sprinkles)


         Blondies Exclusive Flavors and fillings*

  • Cookie dough

  • Blondie cookie cake

  • Strawberries and cream

  • Lemon lavender

  • Cinnamon roll

  • Toasted coconut

  • Strawberry lemonade

  • Chocolate covered strawberry

  • Raspberry chocolate

  • Mocha raspberry

         Exclusive fall flavors (salted caramel & pumpkin)



Custard                        Chocolate Ganache                      Fresh Fruit

Preserve                      Cream Cheeze                             Mocha


         Cake Size                                     Serves                                  Pricing**


         6”                                                    6-8 Guest                             $44.99

         8”                                                   10 Guest                               $53.99

        10”                                                  20 Guest                              $62.99

        12”                                                  30 Guest                              $73.99


        ¼ sheet                                         20 Guest                                $67.99

         ½ sheet                                        40-50 Guest                            $110.00

* Please be advised that there is an extra charge for any custom decorations or exclusive flavors and fillings)

**pricing includes our basic border and decoration please be aware that there is a tax charge. The pricing shown above is for our basic Decorated cake it does not include wedding cakes or custom celebration cake.


Fondant Cakes Available

To inquire about custom fondant cakes please call our storefront (561) 767-9066

Cake Gallery

Online Ordering Coming Soon!

Have questions on a custom order? can't find the answers on here? fill out this quick questionnaire and one of our staff members will reach out to you

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